Computer Backup:

  • Is your Data important to you?
  • Would it take you a long time to recreate your digital data if it is lost?
  • Would it be impossible to recreate pictures of your family and kids, important documents, music etc.?

If you say yes to any of these questions, and you have not done so already, you really need to backup your data now! If you need help setting up your backup solution, contact us at any time.

It is easy…….

It is either just a click away and you can put your data on a secure website (not everyone is comfortable with this solution) or you make a local backup at your home or office. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Don’t forget, if you have a catastrophic event and your backup is not in a secure and safe location all your pictures, important documents and music are lost. This is not something we like to think about, but it is a possibility and we should be prepared for the worst case scenario. Unfortunately we all think about this when it is very often too late.

Backup at your home or office:

Data Backup Tape drive (a more expensive solution) buy an external hard disc drive (some of them already come with a backup software or you can use Windows Backup which is included in all the newer Windows Operating Systems like Vista). The process is simple, just attach it to your PC or Laptop and perform the first Backup. Don’t forget! Always test your backup.


Backup your data on the World Wide Web:

(you need a high speed internet connection)

As already mentioned before, you have to be comfortable to upload all your personal and or business data onto the internet. If you are – this is an easy solution and the only thing you need is a high speed internet connection and an online backup provider.

I am also one of those people who is a little bit more skeptical about putting my business and private stuff online. That is why I personally did some research and selected “Carbonite” (a simple and inexpensive solution according to research provided by as my online backup solution. Many more such solutions can be found online.