Professional and Personalized Email Address:

NO more, or some other generic provider email address.
Price for setup start at $125

Unfortunately as of 12/08/12 Google discontinued the Google Apps Free account. The premier account starts at about $50 per year. If you do not have your own domain name we will register a domain name for you (registrar cost not included in price – depending on provider will cost between $10 – 40 per year). We will setup your domain name so you will access your new Google Apps email by just entering and your online calendar by just using ( will be substituted by your own domain name).

Some advantages using Google Apps:

  • It’s like having your own exchange server without the maintenance.
  • Your email can be synchronized with your email client on your computer and cell phone (depending on software and cell phone used).
  • Includes an online calendar which can be shared and synchronized with your pc and cell phone – so you have access to your email and calendar online and offline (depending on software and cell phone used).

For information on Google Apps click here.

Add on services:

  • Setup an email client on your computer (Outlook or Thunderbird), so you can receive your email also on your desktop or laptop without going to your Google Apps account online.
  • Transfer of current emails and calendar data (depending on current setup, with limitations)